Waterproofing Contractor

Harbert Roofing specializes in moisture protection

We have been waterproofing decks, homes, and commercial projects for over 15 years. You will be amazed where water can penetrate and create damage. Areas where issues will arise if not properly waterproofed are sub-grade foundations, stem walls, equipment rooms, elevator shafts, site-screen walls, all architectural flashings, and all roofing areas such as parapet walls, green roofs, and decks. Our moisture protection technicians are familiar with industry standards and are qualified to apply:

  • Liquid membranes

  • Polyethylene films

  • Rubberized asphalt

  • TPO

  • PVC

  • Modified bitumen


With Harbert Roofing you are teamed with a company that can safely complete the work required, takes care of their employees, and is fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

Featured Waterproofing Projects