Metal Fabrication

You are working with a company that can manage all aspects of the architectural metal for your project

It is an advantage to work with one company that can handle multiple aspects of your project! When partnering with Harbert Roofing, you are working with a diverse company that does more than specialize in roofing-related architectural-metal fabrication and installation. This can include the fabrication of:

Column covers  |  Entry canopies  |  Wall panels  |  Sill pan flashings  |  Window sills  |  Sun shades  |  Site screens
Perforated metal  |  Chimney caps  |  Cupolas  |  Dormers  |  Leader boxes  |  Conductor heads


Metal Fabrication, Harbert Roofing

Harbert Roofing's sheet-metal fabrication shop is fully equipped to provide you with all your sheet metal fabrication needs. Our new Roper-Whitney Autobrake 2000 will ensure that each one of your architectural sheet metal flashings is accurate.

It is important to produce quality, precision, architectural metal flashings for two reasons:

  1. Eliminate potential leaks. Most leaks are attributed to improper fabrication and installation of flashings.

  2. Ensure proper installation and provide the aesthetic appearance that the flashing was intended to present to the public.


Harbert Roofing leads the North State in fabricating and installing architectural-metal products.

We are the right choice to handle multiple aspects of your project, supply you with quality products, and deliver quality service in a timely manner. All of Harbert Roofings fabrications and installations are performed according to SMACNA guidelines and installed according to NRCA flashing details.