Architectural Metal

Harbert Roofing is fully equipped to fabricate and install all of the architectural metal on your commercial or residential projects regardless of size or complexity.

Metal Fabrication, Harbert Roofing

Working with one contractor to handle your roofing and your exterior architectural metal will enable you to complete your project on time and under budget. Successfully being in business for over 36 years and with over a hundred years of combined roofing and architectural metal experience provides you the opportunity to work with a company that has the foresightedness to visualize and understand the complexities and logistical issues that may arise throughout the duration of your project.

Our experience working with various architectural metal systems such as:

  • Rain-screen wall panels

  • Wet or dry joint applications

  • Column covers

  • Site-screens

  • Window ledges

  • Beam wraps

  • Signage areas

Decorative metal benefits you with respect to assisting you in the design, specification, and estimation process.

We have worked with various types of durable metals: Rheinzink, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum and many others.

Work with a multifaceted company that understands the importance of delivering a quality product on-time and within budget. The efficiencies created through working with one contractor that can handle multiple aspects of your project will reduce risk, save time, and increase profit.