Shasta County Dept. of Public Works

March 9, 2005

To Whom It May Concern: 

Subject: Recommending Harbert Roofing

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Harbert Roofing has repaired and installed a number of roofs for Shasta County. In the last year they have completed three projects that I managed for the County. 

  • Installation of a roof on the new Shasta County Public Health Laboratory - Approximate cost: $32,000
  • Removal, repair, insulation, and re-roofing at the Shasta County Public Safety Building. Approximate cost: $100,602
  • Installation of a roof at the new Shasta County Resource Management Lobby Addition. Approximate cost: $22,500

Howard Harbert, Jr. supervised all three projects for his company. In each case, Howard thoroughly considered and reviewed the proposed roof system, schedule, and any areas of concern with me. His recommendations included ideas that saved Shasta County money or, for no extra money, resulted in a better product. 

Harbert's work was fast, organized, and well done. Howard was very responsive to my questions or concerns, even months after his work is complete. He stood behind his work to ensure a satisfied customer. Because of their knowledge of roofing systems, contact with roofing manufacturers, obvious experience, and especially because of the conscientious manner in which the company does business, I recommend Harbert Roofing. I look forward to having Harbert Roofing on the Shasta County projects I manage, both large and small.

Very truly yours,

Neil M. McAuliffe, Associate Engineer
Special Projects Division

Never Settle