Kristin Minugh

Dear Family and Staff of Harbert Roofing,

I used to work for NMR Architects which is where I learned of your company and reputation. Recently, my in-laws needed an estimate for a new roof. They were pleased with the estimate and contracted you to do the work without a second estimate (I gave them your name).

Since the completion of the roofing project my in-laws, Monte and Anota Minugh, they have not stopped raving about how impressed they are with your service and the quality of the work. Additionally, they were very satisfied with the professionalism of your roofers. My father-in-law was a contractor for many years–he said quality companies like yours are hard to find. 

I thought you should know–thank you for your hard work and making the project a positive experience! 


Kristin Minugh

Never Settle