Theodore L. Mularz, Architect

August 15, 1998

Dear Mr. Monsey, 

I am writing at the request of Geoff Miller, GenFlex rep, regarding Harbert Roofing Company.

Over the past two summers Harbert Roofing has re-roofed a number of buildings within the Ashland School District including gymnasiums, a shop building, classrooms, etc., with a single ply GenFlex roofing system. Contracts for roofing have totaled more than $215,000.00.

It has been a pleasure for us to have Harbert Roofing on these projects for a number of reasons. Work has been performed in an exemplary fashion and completed well within scheduled completion dates. Take-offs have been thorough and accurate without any hesitation to ask questions for clarifications. Change orders have been minimal and have been fairly priced for additional work performed at the request of the School District. The entire Harbert crew is very accommodating and eager to please with their performance. They all work hard and obviously take pride in their work. Both Howard Harbert, Sr. and Howard Jr. are very much involved in management both in the office as well as in the field. I'm sure that Sue Harbert, who is always on top of things in the office, is there to make sure that everything runs smoothly as well.

It's an easy task for me to recommend Harbert Roofing for your project since I would be pleased to have them on any of mine.


Theodore L Mularz, FAIA

Never Settle