Cypress Plaza - Redding, CA

Project History

Cypress Plaza is a commercial multi-use center that was built in 2007. Harbert Roofing was responsible for supplying and installing a single ply roof membrane, metal roofing including metal roofing on two curved roofs, subgrade waterproofing, and coping.

Scope of Work

The project consisted of installing:

  • Install GenFlex 60 mil T.P.O. membrane over six inches of Western Insulfoam with secure ply over metal decking.
  • Installed a cricket system supplied by Western Insulfoam.
  • Supply and install Metal Sales vertical seam roof, color is Marine Green.
  • Fabricate and install a built-in gutter system using clad metal and single ply membrane.
  • Waterproofed elevator well with Grace preproof, Grace Bituthene 4000, and Hydroduct 220.
  • Applied a Built-up Roofing system using a base, two ply, and a cap over non-conditioned space.
  • Waterproof deck with a GacoFlex elastomeric coating.