R.A. Greene Corporation

Dear Howard:

I was commenting to Nancy that your company provided us with a beautiful and unique clay tile roof. She suggested that I write you a note of appreciation. I agreed that a letter of commendation was appropriate and well deserved.

As a practicing contractor for almost thirty years, I have witnessed the best and the worst of all types of general and subcontractors. I have also developed an appreciation for quality work in its form and function. In this case, your company has provided a roof that is aesthetically magnificent and mechanically sound. No one could ask for more. I know I made it difficult for you by making seven different tile color blends with each blend consisting of five varying colors. But your men were up to the task. 

Praise is due you for your professionalism and the forthright manner in which you deal with your clients. It was also my pleasure to deal with Howard and Sue, your parents. Family owned and run businesses are often the best. 

In closing I want to thank your foreman, Frank. He did you proud. His knowledgable and meticulous nature did not escape my notice on this job. He is a roofer for all seasons. Again, thank you for a job expertly executed. I am thankful that circumstances and Jimmy Garner brought us together. I hope our paths cross again.


Richard A. Greene
Vice President

Bryce Harbert